Special industries require special solutions

Elektronische Etiketten


Is it too expensive and time-consuming for you to print a new label every time the data changes? Then electronic display labels are the right solution for you!

Electronic labels offer high-quality display options, which, with the aid of a battery, also function without any external power supply. The displayed content, e.g. price, can be changed quickly via wireless access points, without having to print and apply new labels.


Would you like to record and detect temperature, humidity/moisture and vibrations? Then our sensor tags are the right solution for you!

The sensor tag from B&M TRICON® supplies you with reliable short- and long-term data on temperature, humidity/moisture, and acceleration and detects magnetic fields. Due to its small size the sensor tag can be used in almost any area of application. The stored data can be read without interference at any time by a smartphone via NFC or by a wireless USB reader.