Mobile Device Management

Cloud-based Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile device management, also referred to as MDM, describes a management for a wide variety of devices.
Installation packages, rules and structures of the devices are managed and we provide options for remote maintenance, support and inventory.

Cloud-based mobile device management offers management functions for mobile devices without installing and maintaining your own server infrastructure. The customer only pays for the licences he actually needs and does not have to dig through the jungle of licence models for local installations.
This results in a high degree of flexibility when the number of devices changes.

Management options

Central configuration


Together with the customer, B&M TRICON creates the right device configuration
that automatically configures the devices in case of need.




Remote support is another advantage.
If problems should occur, we can support customers remotely
and eliminate the majority of possible faults from afar.




This management solution makes it possible to distribute conversions of the WLAN infrastructure
or the configuration of such changes to the mobile devices in a planned manner.
This is done completely automatically. Configuring the devices manually is not required.




If there are several locations/branches, it is possible to exchange the devices
among one another with an appropriate configuration.
The devices can also be entered in a corresponding directory structure
and assign themselves automatically to the branch where they are located.
This means that customers have all the equipment at a glance and can initiate
resource balancing at an early stage before there is a shortage of equipment at a particular location.

Only the mobile device must be able to reach the management server on the Internet
by means of the correct network and port configuration (port 24576).


Scope of services



Unless agreed upon otherwise, the management can be used for Windows Mobile (WEH, Windows Embedded Handheld), Windows CE, Windows Phone and Windows Desktop.

The management includes the distribution of software packages and/or the configuration for the corresponding device model. The configuration can be adapted at a later point in time (e.g. if the encryption of the WLAN needs to be changed). The costs of the adaptation must be discussed in advance; usually, it is seen as a chargeable change request.




The Situation:

An employee in Order Picking receives a cryptic error message on the display of his mobile computer.

In order to be able to analyse this error message at all, the competent IT employee must have access to the display of the device. The remote viewer makes exactly this possible – and offers many more functions. The administrator can have the device shown to him from virtually anywhere. He can track the error live and initiate measures without touching the device (e.g. the new installation of an app or the adjustment of various settings).

Maintenance & analysis

Maintenance & analysis

Depending on the device model, functions such as the signal strength of the wireless connection can be monitored.
If the signal strength often falls below the minimum signal strength, this may lead to the conclusion that the WLAN coverage is not complete.

The Situation:
Time and again, employees have reported devices that have poor reception. Maybe it’s only one device with a defective antenna that is always used by different users. How would you find out the cause without MDM?




As part of your maintenance contract you have uncomplicated acces to fast telefone support.
For optimum support B&M TRICON provides a team of experts from different technical fields.



Mobile devices represent a high proportion of movable capital goods. They must be counted in the inventory. With an MDM, the customer knows at what location somebody last logged into the device.

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