WLAN Managed Service

WLAN Managed Service

WLAN as a managed service offers a worry-free operation of the wireless LAN infrastructure. Up-to-datedness, quality, professional hardware and/or software solution with additional service/support are the distinguishing features of this concept. In order to respond better to customer needs, we offer this concept in different variants. This means that it is also possible to continue to use the existing WLAN infrastructure, if it is Wing5-enabled and the customer wants only these services.

Target group

Target group

The target group includes customers who need a professional WLAN but do not have the time and/or resources to acquire the knowledge on this specific topic. B&M TRICON GmbH provides these customers with the required know-how and enables them to concentrate on their actual core issues/competencies.


Scope of services

The service comprising the software-side maintenance of the WLAN components is included.
This solution can be used, for example, to install security-relevant updates, back up the configuration regularly and restore the system promptly in the event of a malfunction. Downtimes in such a scenario will be significantly minimised.
A modification of the existing configuration constitutes a change request and is principally not covered. System adaptations that are covered, such as the activation of an SSID on an access point, must be documented in the requirements specification.

Requirements & options

Radio coverage

Items to be covered by the service must undergo an analysis.

VPN connection to B&M TRICON

Between B&M TRICON GmbH and the site controller at the customer’s site, a VPN connection must be set up. This allows the configuration to be synchronised between NOC controller (B&M TRICON) and site controller (customer).

Full Managed Service

In order to be able to offer the customer a package solution, we provide the resources for the installation and the planning of the installation. It starts with a professional radio coverage and ends with the commissioning of the WLAN infrastructure. After commissioning, an appropriate radio remeasurement is carried out to make the success measurable and visible. It is also possible to take over an existing Wing5 WLAN network. In the event that CAT5 cabling is not possible, areas to be covered can also be connected by means of “MeshConnex” technology. The access points connect to one another and transfer the traffic to the Ethernet.


1.5 hrs/month/location on the basis of a weekly report*:

Monthly report

Failures/problems and any support cases are documented there. They are worked through and made available for an analysis, if required.

2.5 hrs/month/location:

Weekly report

Weekly review of all of the required services (captive portal, radius, utilisation, firewall, DHCP, etc.) for activity.

30 min./month:

Hot Report

Hot report 30 min./month Immediate notification to the customer’s administrator of access point failures or serious problems that have occurred.

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